As promised, here’s the inspiration for ‘Let It Be‘.

First, though, a glimpse into the making of the painting. At just over 5′ x 5’ framed, it stands just about as tall as I am (probably taller :))  Wish I had had a time lapse video, but photos will have to suffice.


I read an article in the HuffPost called ‘The Most Surprising Regret Of The Very Old’.  The author, Dr. Karl A. Pillemer asked hundreds of older people what their greatest regret was.  I was a little surprised to learn that most indicated it was worrying; they worried too much.  It’s not to say that problems don’t exist, but instead of using their time to problem solve, their regret was they spent those precious moments on worry.  Worrying is one of those useless emotions that I’ve been plagued with.  This article had such an impact and struck a chord with me. I felt it deep in my gut.  I knew I had to paint the positive side of that negative emotion.  As I painted this piece, I kept reminding myself to just… Let It Be.